Compare Samsung Galaxy M31 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro: Full Guide :which is best
Compare Samsung Galaxy M31 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro: Full Guide :which is best

Compare Samsung Galaxy M31 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro: Full Guide :which is best

Samsung Galaxy M31 vs Redmi Note 9 pro

Samsung and Redmi are the most popular multinational companies working in India. People in India liked their products very much. Both companies are specialized in the making of mobile phones and other electronics like TV, speakers, etc. Samsung is a South Korean company that is very popular in the whole world. Redmi is a Chinese company that is known for its cheap prices for great smartphones. In this article, we’re going to compare the 2 smartphones of these companies which contain equal features at a good price. In this article, we’re gonna tell you which smartphone is best for you. So, just stick to this article. 


Samsung Galaxy m31

Samsung launched its new smartphone named Samsung Galaxy M31 on 26th February 2020 which is a smartphone from Samsung. Samsung was facing a continuous decline in its sales and after considering this it launched its M series which vibrates the sales of Samsung. Samsung M31 is also a great phone which comes with some very exciting features. So, let’s discuss the specifications of the Samsung M31.


Specifications of Samsung M31

Display6.45 inches (1080×2340)
Battery 6000mAh
Camera (Rear)64MP+8MP+5MP+5MP
Camera (Front)32MP
SoftwareAndroid OS 10
Processor Exynos 9611 (Samsung)
Ram 6GB
Weight191 g
Market StatusReleased


Samsung Galaxy M31 is an attractive phone because of its high power battery and impressive AMOLED display. Samsung always prefers to provide quality products to the customers. Samsung Galaxy M31 comes with a plastic body. Its camera customization makes this phone more attractive. This phone comes in a decent & shiny black color which makes it classy. It is a dual SIM type phone which supports the 4G network as well as the VoLTE network. The weight of this phone is approx 191gm. This is a lightweight phone but a battery of 6000 mAh increases its weight to 191gms. The camera of Samsung Galaxy M31 is also impressive. It contains 4 cameras with a flashlight. The MegaPixels of the cameras are listed in the table.



Fingerprint Enable 
Face UnlockEnable
Light sensorsEnable
Unlock sensors Unable


Samsung provided many sensors in this phone. All the basic sensors are enabled in this phone but still some sensors like special unlock sensors, trusted face sensors are not provided by the company. 

Now let’s see some additional specifications of this Samsung Galaxy M31. 


Additional Specifications 

MicroSD slot Available
Dimensions 159.20×75.10×8.90
Aspect Ratio 19.5:9
Charger Type C
Expanded Storage (GB)512
Colour Black, Blue


The back of this phone is shiny. This phone also contains an autofocus camera which enhances the performance of the camera. Rear flash is also enabled on this phone. If you’re looking for a phone which contains wireless charging then this phone is not for you. The battery of this phone is not removable. 


So, here we discussed all the specifications of Samsung m31. I know that you’re waiting for the Pros and Cons of this phone. So, without wasting any time let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy M31. 

Pros & Cons

  • Battery life:- Samsung Galaxy m31 comes with a huge battery. This phone contains a huge battery of 6000mAh. So, if you want a phone with a huge battery then this phone is the best phone for you.
  • Photo quality:- Samsung galaxy m31 comes with 4 rear cameras (64MP+8MP+5MP+5MP) and also a Rear camera (32MP). This enhances the photo quality of the camera.
  • AMOLED Display:- Samsung Galaxy m31 has an attractive AMOLED display. 
  • Poor stabilization of Videos:- The stabilization of video of this phone is poor in quality. You can’t enjoy your video quality while using the phone.
  • Notification Spam:- The notifications on this phone are Spammy which disturbs you when you use the phone.


Battery 10/10 
Display 8/10
Camera 7/10
Value for moneyYes, 8/10


After analyzing the ratings of this phone we can say that this phone is a value for money phone and you can buy this phone without any confusion.  



  1. Does this phone contain reverse charging?

Ans. No 

  1. We can play Pubg on this phone?

Ans. Of course, these phones give you a great experience while playing pubg

  1. Does this phone contain earphones in the box?

Ans. No, you have to buy it from outside. 

  1. Is the camera quality of this phone good?

Ans. Yes, but it doesn’t fulfill the requirement of a professional camera. 

  1. Do we use 2 SIM cards with a microSD card at the same time?

Ans. Yes

Price of Samsung Galaxy m31?


Check Price on Amzoan 


Redmi Note 9 pro

Redmi/Xiaomi/MI is a Chinese company which is specialized in providing new and exciting featured phones at a low price. So, if you want a less expensive phone with a great feature then this company will provide you. This phone was launched on 12th March 2020. This phone increases the demand for Redmi in the phone market. The launch date of this phone in India is 21st July 2020. MI launched this phone to give competition to Realme 6 and Samsung M30s. The response of this phone is positive and the users of this phone are also satisfied with the features of Redmi Note 9 pro. 

Let’s see the specifications of Redmi note 9 pros. 


Specifications of Redmi Note 9 pro

Display6.67 inches (1080×2400)
Battery 5020mAh
Camera (Rear)48MP+8MP+5MP+2MP
Camera (Front)16MP
SoftwareAndroid OS 10
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 720
Ram 4GB,6GB
Weight209 g
Market StatusReleased


Redmi Note 9 Pro is a great phone which comes with 3 different colors. The battery of this phone is impressive. This phone contains 4 rear cameras (48MP+8MP+5MP+2MP) and a front camera (16MP). The weight of this phone is a matter of disappointment. Most of the phones of Redmi are heavy in weight as compared to other brands. Heating issues are also a big matter of disappointment in the phones of Redmi. Otherwise, it’s a good phone at a reliable price. The display on this phone is very attractive. Redmi gives this phone a shiny modern look which makes it stunning. 



Fingerprint Enable 
Face UnlockEnable
Ambient Light sensorsEnable
Proximity sensorEnable


Redmi gives many sensors on this phone which helps you to access your phone easily. Now, let’s see some additional specifications of Redmi Note 9 pro


Additional Specifications


Protection Gorilla Glass 
Expanded storage (GB)512
Colors Aurora Blue, Glacier White, interstellar black
Aspect ratio 20:9
Rear autofocusFace detection autofocus


The Presence of gorilla glass enhances the durability of the phone. The USB port of this phone is not Type-C. The aspect ratio of this phone is impressive and the color variants of this phone make it more attractive.

Well, don’t hurry to buy it because we’re going to introduce you to the pros and cons of Redmi note 9 pro. 

Pros & Cons

  • Processor quality:- Snapdragon is a very popular and powerful processor that is applied in most of the phones. The quality of this processor is very good and it is able to handle a heavy burden for a long time. So, if you’re a gamer then you can go for this phone.
  • Battery life:- This phone contains a battery of 5020mAh. The battery life is good and the working hours of this phone are also impressive.
  • Camera:- As we discussed above that this phone contains 4 rear cameras and a front camera which enhances the photo quality.
  • Favorable cost:- This phone is a value for money phone. The cost of this phone is very reliable. 
  • Poor low light photo quality:- The quality of photos in low lights is very disappointing. The performance of the camera in daylight is excellent but in low light the performance in low light is bad.
  • Weight:- It is a heavy phone which contains a weight of 209 gm.
  • Heating issues:- The phones of Redmi contain heating problems for a very long time but the plastic body reduces the heat of the phone.



Battery 9/10
Display 8/10
Camera 7/10
Value for moneyYes, 9/10


The ratings show that the phone is value for money. The overall rating of Redmi Note 9 pro is 8/10 which is impressive. 



  1. Does Redmi note 9 pro is a value for money phone?

Ans. Yes, Of course

  1. Do these phones contain Fast charging?

Ans. Proprietary

  1. We can play pubg on this phone?

Ans. Yes, the processor of this phone (Snapdragon 720G) gives you great gaming experience. 

  1. Does the phone have heating issues?

Ans. Not sure because we didn’t get any complaint regarding this. 

  1. Do these phones contain Type-C chargers?

Ans. No


Pricing of Redmi Note 9 pro

Check Price on Amazon 


Samsung Galaxy m31 vs Redmi note 9 pro 

  • Which is best?

To find the best phone among the 2 phones is very difficult because both the phones are valued for money phones. They both contain impressive features with stunning design. So, to compare the best phone among them we’re going to classify the standard features and try to identify which phone completes the requirements of the customers. So, let’s start 


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  • Camera 

The camera on both phones is very good. Both phones have 4 rear cameras and 1 front camera. In the standard of Camera, the clear winner is Samsung because it contains a rear camera of 64MP+8MP+5MP+5MP. This phone comes with 32 MP front camera while Redmi note 9 pro comes with 16MP front camera. 


  • Display

The display of both phones is really impressive. They both have a great aspect ration but the aspect ratio of Redmi note 9 pro is quite more than Samsung galaxy M31. Thereafter it’s a tie. 


  • Battery 

Samsung galaxy is the clear winner of criteria because this phone comes with a high battery of 6000mAh on the other hand redmi note 9 pro contains only 5020mAh battery. 


  • Durability 

The durability of both the phones is almost equal but the presence of gorilla glass gives the preference of these criteria to redmi note 9 pros. 


  • Price 

The variant of 6GB RAM, 128GB of Samsung Galaxy m31 costs you 16,499/- on the other hand Redmi Note 9 Pro costs you 16,999/-. Well, the price of both phones is almost equal but still, Samsung galaxy m11 is a clear winner. 


  • Performance 

The performance of both the phones is almost equal but in the case of heavy gaming, redmi note 9 pros take the priority over Samsung Galaxy m31. 



So, here we discussed all the related information regarding Samsung galaxy m31 and Redmi note 9 Pro. Both the phones are good and you can buy any of them but in my opinion, you should go for Samsung Galaxy m31. The quality of Chinese phones is not high, they use cheap and duplicate parts for keeping the price low and we also know in India everyone wants to boycott Chinese products. So, if you want to buy a mobile phone then you can buy any of them but in my opinion, you should go for Samsung Galaxy M31. 


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