How to solve wallpaper black on iPhone in iOS 16? 

Did the wallpaper turn black on iPhone after iOS 16 update?

Even after the iOS 16.1 release, both the lock screen and home screen background turn black unexpectedly.

Apps continue to appear normal but the default wallpaper is missing. how to fix black wallpaper error

A temporary fix requires you to reboot your iPhone. After restarting, the wallpaper is displayed normally but sooner or later the problem may happen again.

First, try changing the picture and see if it makes a difference. If the image is too old and stored in iCloud, the bug may prevent iOS 16 from properly accessing it and presenting it as wallpaper.

If that doesn't work, change the wallpaper style entirely and avoid using Photos until Apple releases a software update that fixes this bug. 

You can fix this if you send the old photo back to your iPhone and save it in the Photos app. 

You can do this either via AirDrop from an old device or as a mail attachment from another computer!

After the recent photo is saved assign it as the lock screen and home screen wallpaper again! Does it work?