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Amazon TV

Amazon TV, yes now Amazon started making their own TVs: 2021

Amazon TV, yes now Amazon started making their own TVs


Amazon Fire TV Omni and amazon Fire TV 4-Series both are the first Amazon brand TVs

Amazon Tv now available as they worked along with other brands like Toshiba and Insignia and started production of Fire TV Edition sets along with its own smart TV system. Amazon already started working on other products also and now planning to make a TV hardware game itself. According to the company they launched Amazon Fire TV Omni and Fire TV 4-Series first and pre-orders already started and they will arrive in October.


The built-in-far-field mic array which response to the “Alexa” wake word just like an Echo speaker which makes Fire TV Omni famous because this unique feature allows users to talk with the TV hands-free and you can able to search movies, channels, your favorite shows, check menu options and also talk with Alexa to find and figure out what to watch and believe me all these activities will happen without any remote.

You can able to turn off the TV’s mic through a physical switch available on the front and now you can use a voice remote which comes with a push-to-talk mic button to talk with Alexa just like other fire TVs. When you turned off hands-free TV won’t respond to any of the “Alexa” commands and if you want to operate your TV with commands like “Alexa, turn on the TV,” you need to activate Alexa always feature in the setting.


This functionality to speak and give commands to operate TV is not a completely new feature. Alexa voice listening functionality was already introduced in devices like Echo speakers and the Fire TV Cube and many of them had the ability to control TVs also.TV brands like Samsung and LG also used Alexa hands-free. Brands like Sony, Hisense H9G, X90J, and TCL 6-Series had Google assistance hands-free. Well, the idea behind this feature is to operate a TV with just voice commands in a smart TV to use and operate it by voice.


Amazon also touts few new features of Alexa. Like “Alexa, what should I watch?” launches a voice-powered recommendation engine where you find Alexa tailors suggestions and ask questions, and helps you to choose by narrow down options like an actor, genre, and many more (this feature will arrive later on this year in beta). “Alexa, play something from Netflix” exclusively works for Fire TV same as you using the play something button on the Netflix app and it will pick a show for you. And now surprisingly Fire TV also plays TikTok videos if you say “Alexa, play TikTok.”


The Fire TV Omni will be the first smart Amazon TV with built-in Zoom (the second-generation Fire TV Cube also supports Zoom). One optional USB webcam is needed to connect with the Amazon TV. Zoom will be working on Omni TV later this year according to Amazon.


Amazon also experimenting with other hardware to connect with Fire TV. To improve the TV’s sound quality, you can connect Echo speakers without any wire and a smart home dashboard will be available latterly this year from that you can view the status of all your connected devices like lights, smart plugs, and cameras.


Amazon TV features, size, and price details:


Omni TV specifications are very basic other than its fancy voice and smarts. Comes with 4K resolution and supports HDR video in HDR10 and HLG formats and it comes in 65- and the 75-inch model with slimmer bezels and also supports Dolby Vision.

The Fire TV Omni does not have the features like full-array local dimming, quantum dot color, and the latest gaming feature compared to TCL 5-Series Roku TV and Vizio M7Q series.

Amazon will also consider their 4-Series TV in the less-expensive category. The key difference between 4-series and Omni is that 4-series not comes with far-field-mic and to use Alexa, you need to talk into the remote.

Below are the new Amazon TV Details:

Amazon TV Series Size (inches) Far-field mic Price
Fire TV 4-Series 43 No $370
Fire TV 4-Series 50 No $470
Fire TV 4-Series 55 No $520
Fire TV Omni 43 Yes $410
Fire TV Omni 50 Yes $510
Fire TV Omni 55 Yes $560
Fire TV Omni 65 Yes $830
Fire TV Omni 75 Yes $1,100


The Fire TV Omni and Fire TV 4-Series will be sold exclusively at Amazon and Best Buy. For a limited time, people who order a 50-inch version of either series can save $110.

The Fire TV Omni and Fire TV 4-Series will be available at Amazon and Best Buy. For a limited time offer people who buy any of the version 50-inch TV can save $110

In an interview with CNET, Amazon’s representatives did not specify which TV manufacturer makes its TVs. “They’re fully Amazon-built TVs, period,” said Daniel Rausch, vice president of Amazon entertainment devices and services. “Just like any consumer electronics company we have a global supply chain that includes many partners.”

A report from Business Insider says that one of the OEMs is TCL, a China-based TV maker that also sells a TV called the 4-series.

Amazon also says that a new series of Fire TVs from Toshiba will also offer Alexa-powered far-field mics, similar to the Omni. 

Amazon has also announced a new stand-alone streamer, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max, for $55.





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